Bonaire Automation has several years experience as an independent solution provider in advising, upgrading and installing custom alarm solutions. We sell and install alarm systems for businesses and houses. To provide even better service we have teamed up with the leading innovative brand Satel. Satel continues to create and innovate with new technologies and innovations. 

Satel alarm systems can do private reporting without the expensive monthly alarm followup fees or can be connected to a follow up company who in case of alarm go and fysicaly go and check your house/business. The use with an App on your phone to communicate with your alarm system has for years been an possiblity for satel.

With direct factory support from Satel we sell and install quality alarm systems with a full year warranty on the installation. As well as complete custom solutions which protect several buildings and parking lots and much more.

Please contact us to schedule a visit to your home and business and see what we can do for you.

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