Bonaire Automation has more than 15 years experience in security camera solutions. We advise and install High resolution Full HD digital IP cameras. We offer tailor made solutions for your home or business. 

Who needs Security Camera’s?

All houses, residences or businesses should have a camera system. Not only to protect your property but also for example to resolve a dispute with a customer. Being in the safety of your home you can check the premises without going outside with all the risks included or maybe you just want to check on your housekeeper to see what he or she is doing.

We offer camera solutions for almost every budget. Starting small wifi cameras for homes  till 12 Megapixel for identifying perpetrators and vehicle license plates.

Digital IP cameras can be connected to your network and / or internet to watch your cameras from wherever an internet connection is available.

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Difference in quality ? How to compare between different camera and manufacturers ?
Our latest line that we carry in stock is prepared for the future with AI person recognition and has starlight technology. What does that mean for you ? You get better quality image at lower light. Less trigger on motion and it delivers recognisable images that you can use.

Due to the many different settings, price points etc it is difficult to compare camera. Independent labs have made a standard to compare cameras independent of manufacturer, chipset used etc. This standard is called the DORI standard. It stands for the following: DORI (Detection, Observation, Recognition, Identification)
The DORI standard (based on the IEC EN62676-4: 2015 International Standard) defines different levels of detail for Detection (25PPM), Observation (62PPM), Recognition (125PPM), and Identification (250PPM) for visible light surveillance cameras. By using these PPM values, it is possible to select a specific camera sensor/lens combination and verify that it will provide the performance needed in each application.

How does it work : If you ask the dori standard for a specific camera your get a table like this :