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Security from every angle

We are sell all major brands of security cameras and offer 100% custom solutions that meet the requirements of your home or business. 

Security from every angle

We provide a wide range of surveillance solutions to meet the needs of your home or business. Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your family at home with a private self-monitored home video system, or monitor staff at work with a business video system – we have the right solution for you.

Get peace of mind

Our team will install any system you need in order to get the peace of mind you deserve. We work with top brands that offer reliable quality and tailor made systems. Our experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about our products.

Difference in Price / quality ? How to compare between different camera and manufacturers ?
Due to the many different settings, price points etc it is difficult to compare camera. Independent labs have made a standard to compare cameras independent of manufacturer, chipset used etc. This standard is called the DORI standard. It stands for the following: DORI (Detection, Observation, Recognition, Identification)
The DORI standard (based on the IEC EN62676-4: 2015 International Standard) defines different levels of detail for Detection (25PPM), Observation (62PPM), Recognition (125PPM), and Identification (250PPM) for visible light surveillance cameras. By using these PPM values, it is possible to select a specific camera sensor/lens combination and verify that it will provide the performance needed in each application.

How does it work : If you ask the dori standard for a specific camera your get a table like this : 


So you know what to expect before you purchase and you can compare apples with apples.